I developed this custom theme from A ~ Z through ALL pages and features.

This site consists of many custom post types that has complex relationship with each other.

PODs and ACF are main focus on this backend oriented project.

What were the difficulties?

  • Complex relationship between custom post types. (PODs)
    • A String consists of Threads
    • A Thread consists of Verses
    • A Verse is also part of a Bible and Bible is also related to Strings and Threads via Verses.
    • A Verse contains Tooltips and Indexes.
    • Tooltips should be filtered when a content is loaded so it can trigger a popup.
    • An Index is actually a connector between different post types. You can navigate between different post types by using Indexes.
    • Related Threads are grouped by Group post types.
  • Many custom meta fields for each custom post type. (ACF)
    • Each post has 10 ~ 30 custom fields to store information and data.
  • Tooltip functionality is not a big problem on static pages, but most parts of this site are dynamic so they generate contents by Ajax call and this makes many troubles for tooltip implementation. And could not use existing tooltip plugins since there are thousands of tooltip items. It took over ten seconds to have one content filtered. So I developed custom tooltip functionality myself focusing on speed improvement and it’s working great.
  • Threads are actually vertical sliders on frontend and the difficulty was syncing several sliders simultaneously.
  • Fast index search functionality
  • Filtering of threads in slider selection

Totally, this was a really large project with so many challenges.

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